Uttapam batter recipes

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Onion Uttapam

Before making uttapam add salt in to batter and mix it well. You need not worry about making batter. Onion Uttapam is a popular South Indian breakfast dish and till date we used to have in the restaurant
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Oatmeal Uttapam

Add Yogurt, Cumin seeds, Red chili powder, soda, ginger and water as required making a thick batter. So I prepared an Uttapam (dosa) with oatmeal yesterday since it is very easy to cook and absolutely healthy
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Onion Uttapam

Dosa Batter - As required. Onion Uttapam, this is one of my favorite dish. We can make lot of variation with this uttapam like using shallots instead of onions or we can sprinkle some idly chutney powder to make it onion podi uttapam or like the one I have made here using onions, carrots and garam masala etc
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