Tulu recipes

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Chicken Ghee Roast

The cuisine of Tulu Nadu region of India which comprises cuisines like Udupi as well as cuisine of other Mangalorean communities like that of the Mogaveeras, Billavas, Bunts, Saraswat Brahmins, Mangalorean Catholics and the Bearys is collectively called Mangalorean Cuisine
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Pineapple Kesar Ice Candy

We used to call him 'Kirmbela' in Tulu which means the one who keeps scratching. Our childhood was mostly spent with outdoor activities, playing simple games in the hot sun, trekking up the Hat Hill, climbing trees and playing cricket, Badminton, Volley Ball or Soft Ball, sweating it out and then running towards the man with the bicycle loaded with an insulated ice box on the carrier full of ice candies, and a brass bell that he rang to alert us that the Ice Candy man has arrived
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Basale leaves Curry

Basale or Basella alba is known as pui shak in Bengali, poini bhaji in Gujarathi, Basale soppu in Kannada, Valchi bhaji or Vouchi bhaji in Konkani, Vallicheera in Malayalam, Mayalu in Marathi, poi saaga in Oriya, Kodip pasali in Tamil, Bachhali in Telugu and Basale in Tulu
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