Sorakaya recipes

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Sorakaya/lauki/bottle guard  tomato curry

Sorakaya/lauki/bottle guard tomato curry

4)Add chopped sorakaya and cook it for 2 min and add some milk ,chili powder and pressure cook it for 1 whistle. 1)Microwave chopped sorakaya with some water for about 4-5 min (or till it's cooked 80%). 5)Now add cooked sorakaya along with milk and cook it for 5-10 min. 7)sorakaya /lauki/bottle guard - 1 peeled & chopped
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Sorakaya Kofta

Sorakaya Kofta

First Grate sorakaya and sqeeze out the water from it and keep it on a paper towel and then take it in to a bowl and add the below ingredients
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