Shahi mutton korma recipes

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Recipe of shahi mutton korma

Shahi mutton korma is cooked in spices. ( As Shahi korma consist of thick and creamy texture ). There are two ways to cook mutton korma , one is you can add all whole spices like green cardamom, cinnamon stick , cloves, black pepper whole, and the other one is add garam masala powder in which no whole spices used, I always make with garam masala and black pepper powder as being purely a non vegetarian person, I use whole garam masala ( spices) to all my mutton and chicken curries so to make something different I add powdered masala and not whole , so it totally depends on you which way you want to cook
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North Indian Korma has two variants known as Mughalai, and Shahi. Some of the very popular Korma recipes prepared at most of the Indian homes and available at most of the restaurants are Chicken Korma, Mutton Korma, Egg Korma and Vegetable Korma
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