Payasam varieties recipes

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Palada Payasam

In Kerala, the traditional Sadya during festivals and special occasions are incomplete without varieties of Payasams and Pradhaman
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Semiya payasam

Semiya Payasam / Vermicelli payasam / vermicelli Kheer / Seviyan Kheer / Vermicelli Pudding. I wanna celebrate this with a traditional sweet Payasam is a recipe filled with deliciousness and flavours of cardamom and nuts to serve for all occasions and virundhu in south Indian houses
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Mango Payasam

Even though, there are some traditional varieties of payasam that are prepared during festivals and marriages, people always like to try payasams with different ingredients depending on the seasonal vegetables and fruits available in the market
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Mango Payasam/Mango kheer

Mango Payasam is a delicious dessert that is perfect for the season. Mango payasam/Mambazha payasam was something new to me until I tried at one of my relatives house who is an excellent cook and served us with this yummy dessert
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