Palakura andhra recipes

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Palak Dal Recipe, How To Make Palak Dal | Spinach Dal Recipe

Palak Dal Recipe, How To Make Palak Dal | Spinach Dal Recipe

This dal is also called as ‘palakura pappu’ palakoora pappu down south especially in Andhra Pradesh. Toor Dal Recipe with Purslane Leaves,Kulfa Ki Katli HyderabadiHyderabadi Palak Ki Katli,Dal RecipesKaddu Ka Dalcha Recipe,Lauki Ka Dalcha,Dal RecipesGongura Pappu Recipe, Andhra Dal Recipe Moong Dal Dosa RecipeMoong Dal Pakoda Recipe, How To Make Moong Dal Pakoda
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ANDHRA RUCHULU-SPINACH CHEKKALUcombine all ingredients and make fine dough add water if necessary while mixing the doughDivide the dough into  small lemon size portionsPress each dough ball in the tortilla maker by placing between the greased ziplock covergently press and place each tortilla in oil and fry till doneRepeat the same process for remaining ballsRemove from oil and sprinkle chat masala and black salt when hotCool the chekkalu and store in a air tight containertasty chekkalu are ready to serveIf you are in diet control you can also fry them on tawa with  a tea spoon of oil as you make the regular parathas
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>>>>>>>>>>>> Chopped spinach or palakura/palak-1 whole bunchFinely chopped onion-2 table spoonsWhole green chili's-4 to 5Tamarind paste-2 teaspoonsGarlic pods-2dry grated coconut powder-2 teaspoonsTurmeric-1/4Th teaspoonOil-3 teaspoonsCumin-1 teaspoonMustard-1/2 teaspoonCurry leaves-10In a pan add spinach,onion,chili's,tamarind paste, along with 1 teaspoon of oil, and 1 tablespoon of water, cook until doneNow pick the green chili's from the cooked mixture, in a blender and add coconut,turmeric,salt and garlic pods