Nishamadhulika cake recipe recipes

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Daal Baati Churma- An Ode to  Rajastani cuisine

Daal Baati Churma- An Ode to Rajastani cuisine

This recipe is adopted from NishaMadhulika. cow dung cakes) as done in villages. No Rajasthani festive or wedding menu is never complete without this popular recipe
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Eggless Orange Cake

Eggless Orange Cake

I came across this recipe from Nishamadhulika, i slightly adjusted  the recipe to suite our taste which prepared by fresh orange juice and orange zest
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Jam Doughnuts Recipe

Jam Doughnuts Recipe

Stuff doughnuts with jam, for this place a pointed nozzle inside the cake decorating machine and add jam to it then close the cap
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Eggless Date Cake Recipe

Eggless Date Cake Recipe video in Hindi . The batter for our cake is ready. Grease the utensil in which cake is to be made, apply ghee and make the utensil smooth
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Home Made Tutti Fruity (Indian Candied Fruit )

Nishamadhulika. These are used in various bakery products including cakes, milk-breads, cookies,  and buns