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Padma Pabda Fish Curry

Marathi. Mandarin Chinese. In Bengal except the soup-style lightly spiced tasty fish curry "macher jhol" there are different exclusive recipes under heavier spicing categories from steamed to braised, burned to baked, fresh fish paturi to dried fish shutki in lunch to dinner or in snacks or tea [fry, fritters, kabab, croquettes, kaviraji, cutlet] etc
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Mango Mantra

Mango languages Sanskrit root Tamil root Language Name Language Name Assamese Aam Kannada Mava Bengali Aam Malayan Mangur Gujrati Aambo Malayalam Maava, Manga Hindi Aam Portugese Mangueira Marathi Amba Telegu Mamidi Oriya Aam Swahili Mambe Persian Aam, Naghyak Arabic Manju/Anbajun Pujnabi Aam, Amb Chinese Manco Sindhi Aam, Amu Dutch Manga Singhalese Amba English Manga Urdu Aam French Manguier
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