Kolhapuri misal masala recipe recipes

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Kolhapuri Egg Curry

Tambada rassa – a red curry, Pandhara rassa – white curry made of coconut milk and spices, Sukaa mutton, Kolhapuri misal, Matnache Lonche – mutton pickle, Roast mutton (ghaati) with bhakri or chapati (round unleavened flat breads), Masale Bhaat (Masala Rice), etc
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Quick and Easy Diwali Snack Recipes | Simple and Easy to Make Snack Recipes for Deepavali

Kolhapuri Misal - Popular breakfast or tiffin dish from Kolhapur, Maharashtra where sprouted moth beans curry (Usal) is topped with fiery hot red chilli-garlic gravy (Kat), boiled potato cubes, yogurt, a spicy mixture (Farsan or Chivda), garnished with chopped onion, tomato and coriander leaves and served with sliced bread or loaf of bread called Ladi-pav
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Vada Usal

We can find different types of usal-misal like Khandesi, Puneri, Kolhapuri, and Mumbai special. Usal served with nankeen that is called Misal and Usal served with batata vada that is called Vada Usal
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Misal Pav Recipe

Misal from Maharashta,West India known for its high spice content and is particularly known as Misal Pav there are different version of Misal Pav such as Kolhapuri Misal,Nashik Misal,Puneri Misal, Khandeshi Misal and Nagpuri Misal name signifies area where this misal is served also you get Kalya Masalachi Misal, Shev-misal, Dahi (yoghurt)Misal, etc
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