Keri recipes

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Memoni Keri ka Achar

Keri 1 kg round and hard. Wash keri very well with white vinegar, no water at all should be use also wash all the vegetables with white vinegar, then dry keri and all the other vegetables very well in a clean towel and keep aside in dry clean bowl mix all the dry masala in a bowl with ¼ cup vinegar and mix it with keri mix well put ½ oil in a clean jar put the keri with masala, now add the garlic, green chilies and guar top with remaining oil mix all well with wooden spoon, do not fill till top of the jar as it will rise next day, stir with a wooden spoon daily for 10 days, use after 15 days 1 tbsp Fenugreek seeds
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Keri ki Chutney

Keri peeled and sliced 1 kg. Peel and sliced Keri, soak in water for 30 minutes, drain water and add sugar to the Keri with yellow color, cinnamon, salt, crushed red pepper and 2 cups water, cook when Keri nearly tender and syrup thick, add lemon juice, button red chili, char magaz, remove from fire, when slightly cool, fill in sterilized jars 3 tsp Yellow color
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