How to prepare channa masala for chapathi recipes

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Hitikida Avarekalu/Hitkin Bele Saaru

This pic shows the peeled outer layer and the avarekalus. I have used this Avarekaalu/avarakai to prepare Karnataka special traditional recipes like Avarekalu huli, also undried form of toor dal can be used to prepare masala side dish for roti, dosa and idli also be added in upma too
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So i learnt how to make parotta, Channa masala, noodles, samosa, etc. Before marriage mom will ask me to cook the rare dishes along with her so that it will be easy to make
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Vattu Pathiri

Add ground mixture to the dough, mix well and make small balls like preparing for chapathi. Keep in poori press, press it  and cut into small thick circles or can be rolled like thick chapathi and cut into small circles
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