How to make dalia recipes

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Dalia Mango Pudding/Kheer

Dalia Mango Pudding/Kheer

Make sure to cook on a medium low flame or the kheer might get burnt. It is a great way to add an extra dimension to traditional recipes and get added fiber, nutrients and protein in dishes that are usually made with white flour
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Dalia Chole Pulav  | Broken Wheat Chickpeas Pulav

Dalia Chole Pulav | Broken Wheat Chickpeas Pulav

So next time when I was thinking what to make for dinner, thought of making chole for a quick dinner but was not interested to make paratha with it, needed one pot dish, so thought of making pulav with it, but already had that so thought lets try something new, took out my broken wheat bag , make chole masala, add dalia in it, one pressure cook whistle , patiently waited till cooker cools down