How to make dalcha recipes

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Mutton dalcha

and now i can make every dish wat ever i had learnt from you. and put the cooked mutton bottle gourd to that mixture after some time add dal which was already half boiled to the mutton and simmer the flame after that put the tamarind juice to the mixtue and add some salt and cook it in a small flame and cook it atleast half an hour in the end add sopme garam masala powder and little pepper powder and little chopped corriender to the dalcha
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South Indian Sambar Recipe For Rice|How To Make Sambar Recipe

Let us look at the detailed instructions on How to make south indian sambar recipe for rice. Sambar recipe is a variation of dal recipe where the dal is mixed with different kinds of vegetables like drumsticks, radish, lady’s finger or okra, bottle gourd, carrots, pumpkin, brinjal/eggplant etc… Also adding onions and tomatoes along with tamarind pulp to give some tangy flavor to the recipe
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Mutton Paya Soup Recipe| Mutton Leg Soup Recipe

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