How to make cherupayar thoran with out coconut recipes

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Ethakka cherupayyar eriserry|Baby Plantains mung beans curry|Kerala Sadya recipe

Please watch my quick video that will show you how to exactly make this Kerala sadya recipe. I used to have a shhh-ecret conversation with these plantains (yes,I talk to plants & animals,they are so approachable and selfless than humans ),asking them if they will ever grow in size ,I guess they would have said,"You need a company after all " and when I asked ,will they ever turn yellow and guess what they answered me ,when they got ripe, by saying "how about black ,eh
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Special Thenga Chammanthi

Coming back to Thenga Chammanthi, all ingredients together make it special and delicious, but care should be taken while adding tamarind and ginger, too much of which will overpower other flavors
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