Hari mirch ka achar recipes

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karonde aur hari mirch ka achar

add turmeric ,coriander,salt,karonde and chili ,cover and cook for 5 minutes. अचार का नाम आते ही मुंह में पानी आ जाता है ,अचार ज्यादातर पराठों और दाल चावल के साथ खाया जाता है
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Hare Tamatar Ki Achari Sabzi, Green Tomato Curry

Green Chillies / Hari Mirch chopped. Red Chilli powder / Laal mirch powder. Tempering /Tadka. Last week I brought a bag of tomatoes to make Tangy Tomato thokku which is a south Indian style chutney but I got a lot of green tomatoes in that bag so I made this hare tamatar ki achari sabzi which turn out very delicious and every one at home loves it
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