Falooda noodles recipes

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Kulfi Falooda

Kulfi falooda is an ice cream topped with sweetened mung bean noodles(glass noodles), and not to be confused with a drink called falooda which is served in a tall glass(sundae glass) and filled with noodles, syrup, basil seeds, ice-cream etc
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Parsi Falooda

Another important ingredients are rose syrup and falooda noodles. It is an Iranian cold dessert drink called faloodeh, consisting of thin vermicelli noodles mixed in a semi-frozen syrup made from sugar and rose water
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Ice-cream Falooda

You may completely use kulfi and original falooda or arrowroot noodles and create the magic. Falooda is a version of persian dessert known as faloodeh and is believed to have been brought to India during the Mughal period
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For the last day of Parsi recipes I made Falooda with store bought kulfi and Falooda noodles. I had planned to make the kulfi and noodles at home but couldn't find time for the same
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Falooda / Faluda

I have shared the traditional method which has rose syrup, rabri, noodles, bails seeds, jelly, fruits, nuts and ice cream and you can find this falooda in most of the restaurants in India with the same texture and taste
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