Easy soft mysore pak recipes

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Mysore Pak

Mysore pak is an super easy dessert if you know the tricks to make. One is Ghee Mysore Pak which is more soft melt in mouth and with smooth texture other one is Normal Mysore pak which is slightly hard when compare to ghee mysore pak and has a porous texture and dark brown centre with light colour edges
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Mysore Pa(Pak)-Diwali Special

Since we have already sieved the flour lumps wont form so its easy to stir. They were the one who started the soft version of Mysore pa,before it used to be little hard to bite but these people introduced the melting soft" Mysore pa" and since then they have had customers from all over the world(I know they have other good stuff too but Mysore pa is their signature sweet recipe)and I have tried to make my Mysore pa similar to it
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