Dahi recipes

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Dahi Baingan Kashmiri

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Dahi Sandwich

My favorite is- Pineapple salsa sandwich , Mumbai style grilled potato sandwich, the popular Middle Eastern special Falafel sandwich , Italain eggplant panini but this dahi sandwich is very quick and easy ,perfect for summer and an instant hit with kids, you can also add some grated carrot and shredded cabbage in it to make it more colourful and healthy
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Dahi ka Shorba

Dahi ka Shorba is inspired from her recipe 'Curd Shorba'. 1 cup Curds (Dahi)1 cup Water1 tbsn All purpose flour (Maida)Salt to taste 2 tbspns finely chopped Cucumber 2 tbspns finely chopped tomato1 tbspn chopped Coriander leaves1/2 tspn Rock salt (Kala Namak)
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