Chicken keema recipe recipes

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Recipe of Masala Keema | Masaledar Keema

You must be thinking what am i talking, masaledar and tari dar , so here I proudly say that masale-dar means spicy and tari-dar means oil that floats on the surface of any non veg dish , its usually seen after the completion of cooking of any non veg cuisine, though for this ( tari) you have to add good amount of oil while cooking where as mutton, chicken, keema they also release some amount of oil, mutton and chicken has charbi ( fats) attached to them where as keema is minced with fat only
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Recipe of chicken kofta

Kofta's are every non veg's delight, I am sure you will agree with me and they always are made of keema ( lamb' s mince ) , but this time I wanted to make something which I have never tried, so i thought of using chicken rather than mutton keema and to my surprise the results were fantastic
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