Baked bhetki fish recipe recipes

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Calcutta Fish Roll

Baked salmon with garlic lime chutney. Calcutta Fish Roll recipe. Recipe follows. My favoite has always been a Calcutta style fish roll, which is an elongated fish chop, except that the stuffing is first wrapped in a delicate fish fillet (as in the image below) and then breaded and fried
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Padma Pabda Fish Curry

In Bengal except the soup-style lightly spiced tasty fish curry "macher jhol" there are different exclusive recipes under heavier spicing categories from steamed to braised, burned to baked, fresh fish paturi to dried fish shutki in lunch to dinner or in snacks or tea [fry, fritters, kabab, croquettes, kaviraji, cutlet] etc
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I use flaky white fish like cod, tilapia, or flounder instead of bhetki. The first is a bhetki macher paturi or bekti wrapped and steamed in banana leaves
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