Badam pak recipes

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Bengal Gram/Channa Dhal Halwa - SNC - 6

SNC -1 (October 2012)Challenge for Northern team - Mysore pak.  Challenged and Hosted by Swasthi on behalf of Southern team IngredientsChana Dal(Chickpea/Bengal gram lentil - 75 gramkadalai paruppu/கடலை பருப்பு ) Ghee – 4tspnMilk - 100 mlSugar – 40 gramcardamom pwd  -1/4 tspnbadam flakes& pista flakes – 2 tspnAlmonds, walnut for granishingMethodWash and Soak dal in 1 Cup water for 4 hours. Again add 50ml milk and 2tpsn ghee cook for 5 minutes     Finally add cardamom powder, sugar and badam pista flakes and fry on high heat for another 5 minutes
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